Custom turbocharger, E-Turbo and turbogenerator development

StageV6B8A_001_PbarcontWe have all the nessary skills and experience within the team to develop hybrid and full custom turbochargers, motor assisted E-Turbos and turbogenerators for specific applications including:

  • Thermodynamic simulation and SAE map specification
  • Aerodyanamic analysis and design
  • Mechanical design specialising in high stress including composite structure
  • Electrical machine design
  • Rotor dynamic analysis
  • Control system design and supply
  • Full design, assembly and test capability

Typical performance levels achieved by the team:

  • Turbocharger compressor isentropic efficiency (T-T) – 80%
  • Turbocharger turbine efficiency (T-T) – 87%
  • Turbogenerator turbine efficiency (T-S) – 84%
  • Electrical machine efficiency – 97%
  • Rotor speed – 30krpm to 110krpm