Biomass is a renewable source of energy using either prime crops (e.g. Withys) or by-products (e.g. wood chips from manufacturing timber). We are focussing on using waste-wood, in chip form (not pellets which are a higher grade and more expensive fuel).

Present biomass projects typically utilise large steam turbine equipment leading to high biomass transport costs (and environmental impacts). To date most projects involve burning the biomass to produce heat. Our air turbines are economic at much smaller power outputs and provide a viable way to upgrade these systems to also produce electricity. We are operating our first Bluebox-110 system as part of Schmid Energy’s HLT-100 system in a commercial application in Dudingen, Switzerland.

The system is achieving the following performance at 15 DegC ambient:
Turbine inlet temperature: 680 Deg C
Turbine air mass flow: 1.7kg/s
Temp of air returning to furnace: 406 Deg C
Thermal input power: 820kWth
System electrical efficiency:14% (based on LHV of fuel and gas circulation)

Link to datasheet