Waste to energy

Quite a different approach to combustion of non-recyclable material. Rather than very large waste-to-energy plant in the 30MW upwards range, this solution provides a much smaller, cost effective solution with much less impact to the community and transport logistics.

The unit that is currently in development has the following specification:

  • 35 tonnes / day RDF consumption
  • 900kW electrical
  • 4500 kW heat (if required)
  • M-Cert tested to EU emissions requirements
  • ROI = 25% – 35%

  • Project status:

  • Started development with Vortex Innovations Sept 2019
  • Initial study shows good match with 3 x Bluebox-330 HAT systems
  • First 900kWe plant identified in Melbourne
  • Vortex Inc now completing permitting process (expect to be complete Q1 2020)