Hot air turbine feasibility study for Schmid Energy

header_logo_schmidSchmid energy solutions is a Swiss family business, which has been dealing with energy issues for over 75 years and employs around 300 people. Schmid have evolved into a specialist manufacturer of biomass energy systems.


Due to their complexity and maintenance requirements, Schmid Energy have found that ORC systems and steam turbines only become worthwhile as large-scale systems with a thermal capacity above 2 MW. In many cases, heat offtake all year round cannot be ensured for such high capacities. The hot air turbine therefore fills the gap in the smaller operating range.

Schmid Energy have developed a prototype hot air system with a micro-turbine system.  However, they wished to find an alternaive with improved performance and asked BlueBox Energy to perform a study to evaluate the performance and economics of our hot air turbine solution coupled with Schmid Energy’s combustion and heat exchanger system.

Due to the need for high efficiency’s, the study concluded that the Duo+ system was the most suitable.  Schmid Energy are now in the process of deciding whether to move forward with the technology.

Link to Schmid Energy hot air turbine system

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