Ricardo and Bluebox Energy to collaborate on low carbon technologies

Ricardo’s energy team has today signed an agreement to collaborate with Bluebox Energy Ltd to deliver innovative new low carbon technologies that support the transition to a low carbon future
National government targets, such as the UK’s to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, are helping to drive both the public and private sector to develop strategies and invest in processes and technologies that will enable organizations to deliver a low carbon future. Innovation in heat and energy technologies is critical to the achievement of net zero ambitions, and this has been the driving force behind a new collaboration between Ricardo and Bluebox Energy.

The two companies have extensive experience and expertise in delivering a range of energy-based technology and process innovations, including Ricardo’s use of renewable and sustainable energy management for key infrastructure, such as introducing solar to power rail networks and Bluebox Energy’s development of hot air turbine technology.

The agreement was signed by Dipak Mistry, director of Ricardo’s energy services and Jonathon McGuire, director of Bluebox Energy.

On the collaboration Dipak Mistry commented: “The extensive experience and complementary capabilities of both Bluebox Energy and Ricardo will enable us to drive innovation that is key in tackling the significant carbon challenges faced by both the public and private sectors. We’re proud to be working with Bluebox Energy to help address some of the world’s most pressing challenges”.

Jonathon McGuire, Bluebox Energy director added: “Even in the short-time we’ve been working together, we’re already seeing a number of opportunities for us to develop innovative technology-based solutions that can drastically reduce carbon. The combined expertise of both companies will enable us to make the ambitious carbon reduction targets achievable. We’re now looking forward to making a real difference together.”

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