Introducing the Bluebox-80, Bluebox-220 & Bluebox-330 hot air turbines

We’re excited to have started development of our new Bluebox-80, Bluebox-220 and Bluebox-330 hot air turbines rated at 80kWe, 220kWe and 330kWe respectively.

All three will use Bowman’s new ETC1000 turbogenerators (two in the Bluebox-220 and three in the Bluebox-330) and new Mk5 power electronics. Bluebox-80 will use an uprated Bowman turbocharger, Bluebox-220 and Bluebox-330 will use the new Napier NT1-10A turbocharger.

The thermodynamic simulation work is now complete, with turbomachinery and power electronics selected. Work is nearing completion on the mechanical design of the supporting structure and integration air pipework, lubrication/cooling subsystems and control architecture.

More details are described in the products area.

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