Innergy and Bluebox Energy win Accesit award at

The new Bio-Bloc developed by Innergy using a Bluebox hot air turbine has just won the Innovation Award at Expobiomasa.

The Bio-Bloc main features are:

  • No need for water, steam or oil as the heat transfer fluid, escaping legal restrictions and reducing cost
  • Compact and transportable design
  • Can produce electricity and heat independently, without the need for expensive cooling radiators
  • Lower electric consumption leads to greater net efficiency

  • Due to its small dimensions and versatility, it provides an attractive solution for small waste generators or municipalities that want to give a commercial outlet for their waste and in turn have thermal needs such as swimming pools, schools, spa’s, hotels or industrial processes.

    The special configuration of the plant allows its fully automatic operation, at a minimum cost, compared to other technologies existing in the market. As a result of the development, it is also planned to define different work modes for complex fuels such as bamboo, rice husk, and others that, due to their low cost, will allow a quick return on investment.

    INNERGY has developed this product with a view (in a first phase) to the Japanese market, once it has reached a lower cost by scaling production to higher volumes, being able to introduce it worldwide, both in LATAM and in Europe.

    More information on the award here

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