At Bluebox Energy, we strongly believe in small to mid-sized biomass and waste to energy projects to supply heat and power to business parks, community housing and smaller district heating networks.

Key advantages of this approach are the availability of a local heat demand and significantly less environmental damage from transporting large quantities of biomass or waste to the very large plants. The hurdles have always been capital cost, difficulty matching CoGen plant temperatures to heating networks, maintenance resource and fluegas emissions.

Our technology overcomes a number of these issues:
– Lower cost than competitor technology
– More efficiency that competitors at 14% or more (heat to electricity)
– Ideal temperature match to district heating networks and absorption chillers
– Environmentally friendly using only hot air
– Simple to maintain by existing maintenance staff (no steam or pressurised liquids)
– Made using proven turbomachinery with millions of operating hours in truck, shipping and power generation industries

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