The team

Jon McGuire – Design Architect

Jon McGWhilst at Bowman Power as Engineering Director, Jon led the development of the first prototype E-Turbocompound (turbocharger + turbogenerator) system for John Deere. Jon then led the commercialistion programmes for the G108-40-VTG, G108-60-BTG and G108-60-WTG turbogenerators (now in series production)

Jon also led the development of the TC41, TC81 and TC35/38 two stage turbochargers as well as managing the team of engineers that developed the accompanying AC/DC and DC/AC power converters and control systems.

At the start of 2014, Jonathon left Bowman to start Bluebox Energy focussing on developing hot air turbine technology to convert heat from renewable sources into electricity.

Flavien Berard – Principal

Flavien joined Bluebox Energy in June of 2015 as our Principle engineer. Flavien’s most recent work included being a control specialist, manager of complex programs and business development at Ricardo, then Strategic Consultant in Brazil. His key achievements were the design and development of the control system of the 1st Diesel Hybrid demonstrator for VALEO and PSA Peugeot Citroën (World Premiere). International complex programs coordination (Europe, Americas, Asia). Delivery of Mégane RS 225 derivative for Renault from concept to production. At Bluebox Energy, Flavien will look after controls and programme management as well as supporting our business development activities.

Steve Hill – Aerodynamicist

In 1986, Steve became Head of Turbine and Combustor Technology at the small engine division of Rolls Royce . In this role he looked after the continuing development of the RTM322 and GEM, and the design and development of the MTR390. In 1991, Steve moved to Head of Turbine Aerothermal for BMW-Rolls Royce, responsible for the aerodynamic and cooling design of the successful HP turbine of the BR700 turbofan engine and then the Pegasus engine, working on cooled single crystal turbine blades.


Since leaving Rolls Royce, has continued turbomachinery design including micro-gas turbines, Turbogenerators, Turbochargers and high efficiency fans.

Alex Molyneaux – Rotor Dynamicist

Alex has worked on a number of projects involving plain, rolling element and air/gas bearings. These include

  • Gas bearings used in the Brayton cycle cooler at the core of the Minus Eighty Laboratory Freezer (MELFI) in the International Space Station (ISS)
  • Air bearings for a 50,000 rpm, 50 kW direct drive turbo-compressor for Atlas Copco air Compressor.
  • Helium lubricated gas bearings for Atlas Copco 400,000 rpm expander
  • Rolling element bearings for an organic Rankine cycle turbogenerator rotor supported on r245fa hybrid ceramic bearings at 70,000 rpm.
  • Rolling element bearings for a variety of turbochargers and turbogenerators with power outputs of between 40kW and 270kW running at speeds between 30,000 rpm and 70,000 rpm)

Wladek Krywiczanin – CAD Designer

Wladek was the designer of a Bowman turbocharger and 60kW turbogenerator for a truck application.   He has also designed high pressure hypobaric chambers together with plastic injection moulded parts.

Suleiman Sharkh – Electrical Machines Designer

SuleimanSuleiman has 20 years research experience in the field of electrical and electromagnetic systems. He is an established doctoral external examiner in the UK and abroad, including Europe, China and Australia. His long track record in designing high speed electrical machines includes rim drives for marine thrusters, high speed permanent magnet alternators for ORC and turbogenerators and submersible motors for oil drilling. Suleiman was the lead designed for Bowman’s latest 270kW turbogenerator presently completing tests in Turkey.

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