BIOCCUS project launch

Together with Ricardo Bluebox Energy have won funding through the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio to design a community scale greenhouse gas removal system.

The consortium combines Bluebox Energy’s hot air turbine technology which already provides renewable energy to homes, business parks and agriculture, with Ricardo‚Äôs expertise in carbon capture technologies. The consortium will develop a highly innovative greenhouse gas removal technology called BIOCCUS, which will produce Biochar and also provide renewable heat and electricity for towns, villages and agriculture as well as sequestering the carbon dioxide from the flue gas.

The technology works by taking sustainably sourced waste wood from domestic timber production and then processing it in three ways: producing Biochar; generating heat and power; and capturing and storing the carbon dioxide. The technology, captures up to 95% of the carbon dioxide absorbed by the trees and supplies local homes and businesses with renewable heat and electricity. It also produces commercially marketable Biochar which can be used by farmers for animal feed and to enrich soil, and the carbon dioxide can be used for low-carbon concrete all of which attract valuable carbon credits that can be traded.

Link to Ricardo press release.

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