Project CAPTure kick-off

15-10-13 00712 companies have joined together to form the CAPTure project team.  The project will develop the next generation of concentrated solar power technology aimed at dramatically reducing the costs of generation.  In particular the project will focus on 5 areas a:

  • High efficiency volumetric solar collectors
  • De-coupled regenerative heat exchangers
  • High pressure inter cooled Brayton hot air turbine system
  • Low cost heliostat with advanced aiming strategies
  • Multiple tower approach to reduce ray losses and enabling the power station to be modularised

As well as Bluebox Energy focussing on supplying the Brayton hot air turbine, other project partners include:

  • CENER- project coordination and development of the solar collector
  • Tekniker – Thermodynamics and integration engineering
  • Fraunhofer IKTS – specialists in ceramics
  • CEA – specialists in coating
  • FCT – specialists in ceramics
  • Haver and Boeker – supplier of regenerative heat exchangers
  • CIEMAT- PSA – will run the testing at their solar facility
  • FLAGSOL – looking after integration engeering
  • K- Controls – developing and supplying the high temperature valves
  • Electricitie de France – Specialising on commercialisation
  • Sonce-boz – development of the low cost heliostat
  • EUREC- looking after communication and dissemination

H2020This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 640905.

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